Destiny is an interesting concept. It’s easy to say something was destined to happen once it has already occurred, but another thing entirely to predict something before it happens. In today’s technological age, where all of our thoughts live forever in digital memory, we see more and more instances of verifiable predictions coming true.

Some of these predictions are trivial, while some are humorously wrong; Like the tweet from the Boston Celtics‘ guard Jaylen Brown in 2014 that said his teacher told him he would end up in jail in 5 years, only to see him starting for the NBA franchise in that same window of time.

Sometimes, though, we come across a prediction that is unexplainably foresightful, lending credence to the idea of destiny. The latest instance of this phenomenon comes from singer-songwriter Demi Lovato. Nearly 10 years ago to the day, Lovato composed a tweet that everyone overlooked. On February 7th, 2010, Lovato told the Twitter world: “One day, I’m gonna sing the national anthem at a super bowl. Onnee dayyy….”

Of course, this wasn’t an impossibility, per se. Lovato had a bit of success at that point with a couple of solo albums in addition to her Disney Channel acting gigs. It surely was a stretch, though. Hell, it’s a stretch for anyone to predict such a thing.

Then, on Sunday, February 2nd, at Super Bowl LIV, Demi Lovato materialized that prediction when she sang the National Anthem to over 65,000 people at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL and well over 100 million viewers worldwide.

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She didn’t just sing it, either. She sang it well. Clocking in at a brisk 1:50—well under the 2:04 over/under for any curious readers—her rendition showcased the range and control she recently flaunted at the Grammys. It also showcased her psychic abilities too, apparently.

Watch Demi Lovato perform the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV below.

Demi Lovato – “National Anthem” – Super Bowl LIV

[Video: NFL]

While Lovato has no currently scheduled tour dates, the singer did debut a song at the Grammys and has hinted at a new album. Visit her website to stay up to date on the latest news.