On Tuesday, the Michigan-based quintet Desmond Jones delivered a new music video for “Major Burbank”, which the band dedicated to Jim Carrey and his iconic performance in The Truman Show. Directed by Nick Small and recorded at Plymouth Rock Recording Company in Plymouth, MI, the video marks the first studio release from the Grand Rapids five-piece since 2019’s Hello, Helou.

In a Facebook post, Desmond Jones dubbed it “The first sights and sounds of the completely unstoppable 2020 Glam Jam movement.” Replete with the glam metal-era makeup and aura, that seems to be a fitting description. The easy-listening track comes complete with smooth saxophone melodies from George Falk, a tight and steady groove from bassist Taylor Watson and drummer John Nowak, poignant vocals from Isaac Berkowitz, and ripping guitar solos from Chris Bota. Clocking in at nearly nine minutes, “Major Burbank” showcases much of what the band offers and leaves little to be desired.

In a statement to Live For Live Music, Berkowitz noted,

With a flawless Jim Carrey performance and the layered philosophical themes present throughout the movie, The Truman Show makes for an excellent flick. We here at Desmond Jones aim to not only remind the listener of these important themes and encourage them to think further and pull back the curtain, but to also gain financially from the film’s popularity as well. We’re really excited to get this song and video out for everyone to enjoy and boogie to. We also encourage anyone who knows Jim Carrey to pass this song along to him because we think he’d dig it.

Take a gander inside Desmond Jones’ world with their new music video below.

Desmond Jones – “Major Burbank”

[Video: Desmond Jones]

Like virtually all musicians, Desmond Jones has had to postpone several shows this spring due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While they are unsure when the next show will be, the band has promised the release of another music video in the coming weeks. This release will feature “Gone”, which they recorded at the same Plymouth Rock Recording Company. Be sure to visit the band’s website for merchandise, updates, and the latest tour information.