Recently the bass happy collaboration between Canadian producers Excision, Downlink and Pendulum/Conspirator drummer KJ Swaka known as ‘Destroid’ made their grad debut in San Francisco at The Warfield. Defying the mold of the usual Dubstep show featuring purely electronic aspects, Destroid represents one of the first live Dubstep bands.

Unveiling not only material from their new album “Destroid – The Invasion,” their first ever live show also featured their  custom crafted stage costumes. Featuring a highly technological feel the show comes equipped with stage decorations that make you feel as if your visiting another planet, and the LED robot like suits worn by each band member are reminiscent of the style of Daft Punks helmets. Excision and Downlink both perform using MIDI controlled light up guitars while Swaka works his magic on a fully custom digital drumkit featuring Destroid’s logo.

Clearly Destroid is well on their way to achieving their goal of invading both mind and body on their first tour. Any bass head should jump at the chance of catching this trio in action.

Watch The Video If You Want to be Blown Away: