11E1even Group, the company behind the Live From Out There streaming series, has announced Dine From Out There. This new, socially distanced venture will combine live, in-person concerts with top notch food and drinks at locations across the country.

This announcement comes as venues and restaurants around the country begin to slowly reopen following months-long shutdowns due to the ongoing pandemic. In most cases, general admission events have been replaced by requirements that parties remain seated at tables for the duration of the concert, which would fortuitously allow for casual dining experiences.

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With this new venture, announced by the team behind Live From Out There alongside Ross James of Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band, 11E1even Group will work with top chefs, restaurants, mixologists, and musicians in cities across the country. The first installment of Dine From Out There will take place at Corrida Roof Top in Boulder, CO on July 16th and will combine a four-course meal with a jazz/funk set by Big Gigantic alongside Joey Porter and Garrett Sayers of The Motet. The Spanish steakhouse was selected as one of the 25 best front range restaurants of 2019 by 5280 Magazine.

“With dining out and seeing live music being two things we are missing most during these times, we wanted to combine the best of each for these unique events while being able to help support local musicians and restaurants,” the announcement stated.

In the coming days, Dine From Out There will announce the first season of events, similar to the rollout of Live From Out There. A percentage of the proceeds from this new venture will also go to benefit the Independent Restaurant Coalition, which fights to save local eateries affected by COVID-19.

“Like food, music is also nourishment for the body and soul. Both of these things have been taken away from us and it’s been hard hitting,” Corrida owner Bryan Dayton said. “It’s an honor to be a part of the Dine From Out There series, where food and live music will come together once again in an intimate open air environment. We are stoked to have local musicians who have shaped Colorado’s music scene and generally play amazing venues like Red Rocks in the house. Glad we can have some sense of normality during this time period.”

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