The Disco Biscuits finished off their four-night New Year’s run at New York City’s PlayStation Theatre last night with an expansive video game-themed show. Throughout the show, Aron Magner and Allan Aucoin had samples of classic video game noises from Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Pacman, and more, making for a wonderous New Year’s celebration.

To set the mood for the evening, the Disco Biscuits opened up their first set with the Pac Man theme, eventually working the arcade tones into “Caves of the East” and “Basis For A Day”. For their New Year’s countdown, the band used a song from Duck Tales video game—”Moon Board”—to ring in the new year, keeping with the theme of the evening. As per tradition, coming out of their New Year’s countdown, the Biscuits hit “Helicopters”, changing the lyrics to fit the new year celebration.

For the second set, the Biscuits opened with the Super Mario theme, using the upbeat melody as a jumpoff point for an extensive jam rife with video game sounds and intense energy. Throughout the second set, the band kept up with the video game tones, using them throughout their classic numbers like “Aceetobee” and a return to “Basis For A Day”.

Continuing on their fiery second set, the Biscuits then landed in the Tetris theme, taking on the game’s accelerated speed as they went through the synthy number. To end their stand-out second set, the group transformed the Tetris theme into an inverted “Aquatic Ape” before landing back in “Aceetobee”.

For their third set, the band came back with a vengeance with “Little Lai”, weaving the tune in with the percussive Super Mario underworld theme. Recalling Thursday night’s show where the group went into the “Wearing A Towel” midsection of “7-11” into the “Apple Butter Toast” section of “Mindless Dribble”, the Biscuits switched things up, instead moving from “Apple Butter Toast” into “Wearing A Towel” before a triumphant return to “Basis For A Day”. The band then closed things out with “Strobelight & Martinis” into a return to “Helicopters” before their encore of “Frog Legs”.

You can watch the performance below (do yourself a favor and please watch this show), courtesy of The Disco Biscuits.

Setlist: The Disco Biscuits | PlayStation Theater | New York, NY | 12/31/2017

I: Pac Man-> Caves of the East-> Basis for a Day-> Duck Tales Moon Board, Helicopters-> Bionic Helix-> And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night (inverted)-> 42 (ending)

II: Super Mario-> Aceetobee-> Basis for a Day-> Tetris-> Aquatic Ape (inverted)-> Aceetobee

III: Little Lai-> Super Mario Underworld Jam-> Little Lai, Mindless Dribble-> 7-11-> Basis for a Day, Strobelights & Martinis-> Helicopters

E: Frog Legs

[Photo: Silky Shots via The Disco Biscuits’ Facebook page]