The Disco Biscuits announced that they will postpone the four remaining shows on their winter tour, citing bassist Marc Brownstein‘s medical emergency.

The announcement came not even three hours after the band released a 19-date spring tour. The band provided a brief statement on its Twitter but yielded the bulk of the information to Brownstein.

Marc Brownstein informed fans through a Twitter post that he began to lose vision in his right eye while on Jam Cruise. Unfortunately, he had to wait until the ship returned to Miami to go to the hospital where he was informed that his retina had detached. After assessing the situation with medical professionals, they decided to fly Brownstein home to Philadelphia where he will undergo surgery Tuesday, January 14th. He reassured fans that he has a 95% chance of making a full recovery, and went on to guarantee that at the shows announced today “there will be touchdowns. Many of them. It’s gonna be like 77-0.”

Brownstein and the band promised further updates in two days when he is out of surgery and can address both the touring situation and his recovery fully.

See the Twitter posts from Marc Brownstein and The Disco Biscuits announcing they must postpone the remaining shows on their winter tour.

This is a developing story and we will update it as it unfolds.