The Disco Biscuits have not mounted a full tour in years, sticking instead to a model that sees them play scattered multi-night runs in various cities throughout the year. During this period, members of the band have spent their ample non-Biscuits time on a litany of side projects. However, according to a note posted to the band’s social media accounts on Wednesday, it appears they’re ready to dive head-first back into Disco Biscuits mode.

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As the note from guitarist John “The Barber” Gutwillig states,

To our dedicated fans,

For years now we’ve been working on our lives away from music. One thing we all realized during this time was how lucky we were to bring happiness to people by something we loved to do. Well we are seizing this moment…

Set break is over.

Gas tank’s refilled.

We are back.

Get ready, the best is yet to come.

Jon Barber

Details about the Disco Biscuits “comeback” have yet to be released, though the message from Barber has sparked excitement for potential tours, new records, and more. As of now, the band has no scheduled concert dates.

As bassist Marc Brownstein tells Live For Live Music about the news on behalf of the Disco Biscuits, “When the band and fans are locked together by the free flow of energy, that’s the magic. We can’t wait to see this next chapter unfold.”

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, but judging by the tone of the announcement, it looks like there is some very exciting news on the way for fans of The Disco Biscuits.