The Disco Biscuits announced today with a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post that following their upcoming show at The PlayStation Theater in New York City on December 27th, the band will hold an official after-party hosted by none other than Tractorbeam—the band’s all-instrumental, exclusively electronic alter-ego.

The show will take place right up the road at Sony Hall following The Disco Biscuits’ only early show during their 2020 NYC New Year’s run.

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While keeping up the elaborate rouse of not being Tractorbeam, the Biscuits’ official Facebook page took the time to promote “our friends Tractorbeam,” with the announcement, assuring fans that they will be able to catch both shows on account of the Biscuits playing early and Tractorbeam playing late. What a fortunate coincidence.

The highly elusive Tractorbeam has played only a handful of shows over the past decade, if that. In October, Tractorbeam played a two night run in Colorado before the Biscuits kicked off their first full tour in years—which was announced at the time with the dramatic posting of their new mantra, “set break is over.”

According to the cryptic Facebook post, “we are told their tickets will go on sale at 12 noon” presumably through Ticketmaster and Sony Hall, according to promotional materials. Head to The Disco Biscuits website for more info.

Next month, The Disco Biscuits will close down New York City’s Playstation Theater for good when they return to the Times Square venue for their four-night New Year’s Run on December 27th, 28th, 30th, and 31st.

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On the day off between the run’s 3rd and 4th nights on December 29th, the side projects of both keyboardist Aron Magner and bassist Marc Brownstein will perform in the city.

First, in the afternoon, Magner’s jazz trio, SPAGA, will deliver an intimate performance at DROM (Doors: 3:00 p.m. / Show: 4:00 p.m.). Tickets are available here.

Later, Brownstein’s Star Kitchen will host a late-night blowout at Sony Hall (Doors: 11:30 p.m. / Show: 12:30 a.m.) featuring help from guitarist Eric Krasno and the Trey Anastasio Band horn section (Jennifer HartswickNatalie Cressman, and James Casey). Tickets are available here.


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