Dopapod has officially released their new studio album, Emit Time!

Emit Time marks the follow-up to the band’s 2017 Megagem release and the first new album from the Boston-born quartet since their year-long sabbatical in 2018. Dopapod celebrated their return with a packed-out performance at Port Chester, NY’s historic rock palace, The Capitol Theatre, on April 27th. You can listen to a full soundboard audio recording of the show via

The band—comprised of guitarist Rob Compa, drummer Neal “Fro” Evans, bassist Chuck Jones, and keyboardist Eli Winderman—recorded their latest studio effort during recent sessions in Philadelphia and Denver. The writing process for Emit Time differed from Dopapod’s past efforts because each member brought songs into the sessions they had individually worked on during the hiatus, creating a more collaborative writing environment. In addition, lyrics were a group effort for the first time.

“We had a blast making Emit Time,” keyboardist Eli Winderman fondly shares. “Our first priority after getting the band back together was to spend time developing some new music that we each worked on individually throughout the year.”

“The attitude [in Colorado] was great, and vibes were high during the multiple recording sessions for the record,” adds bassist Chuck Jones. “I believe I can speak for all of us when I say, we are very proud of and confident that this new album represents where Dopapod is now. Music is tight and hopefully, this release of some new and some old Dopapod music will be entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.”

Drummer, Neal “Fro” Evans, enthusiastically adds, “Can’t wait to share this new record with the world. My hair curls right up just thinking about it! Compositionally, I think it represents a wonderful shift in the band and our outlook on things, keeping with our roots and moving forward and being efficient and (hopefully) smarter. Enjoy!”

Listen to Dopapod’s new album Emit Time below:

Dopapod – Emit Time

Emit Time is now available everywhere digitally, including iTunes,and Spotify! Fans also have the option of purchasing a limited-edition purple vinyl here.

For more information and a list of the band’s upcoming summer festival dates, head to their website here.