Dopapod has released 100+ new shows from their lengthy live catalog on ahead of their upcoming appearance at The Peach Music Festival.

As the band explains in a statement accompanying the extensive release, “We are very excited to team up with and to have our live soundboard recordings on a streaming service with so many other great bands.”

With so many new shows now at your fingertips, the task of choosing where to start may seem daunting. However, keyboardist Eli Winderman‘s got you covered with his top five picks from the massive new audio drop. Check out Eli’s picks and his thoughts behind each one below:

2/23/2013 – Blockley Pourhouse, Philadelphia PA

Ah, the good old Blockley Pourhouse. We loved playing this now defunct Philly music venue. I think it’s where we had some of our best shows leading up to this time. I grew up outside of Philly so we always had a bit of a connection to the city. This particular show was added last minute after playing two nights in a row. In between the last song and the encore they asked if we wanted to announce a surprise 3rd night and we agreed. What transpired was basically a one song set.”

4/27/2013 – Higher Ground Ballroom- Burlington VT

I listened back to a lot of our shows while preparing for the bands return and this show really stuck out to me. It was the last show of a very grueling and never ending tour and in my opinion, I think this may be the most “dialed in” we’ve sounded. But that is all up to everyone’s own opinion of course. Coincidentally, it was the same date as our recent Capitol Theatre return show.”

9/22/2016 – Resonance Pink Floyd Set, Thornville OH

This was actually the first set back after Fro’s hiatus from the band from 2013-2016. We had blast putting together a Pink Floyd set and we really tried to make it unique. I’m proud of the different arrangement ideas we came up with for these classic songs. We even brought in an Arp Omni string synth to replicate the sounds on “Welcome to the Machine”.

7/14/2017 – Rochester Public Market, Rochester NY

This is the infamous rain set. We got completely rained on. Like monumentally drenched and just kept playing. There was no cover over the stage and as the rain started we just said F*** it and kept going. It will always be one of my favorite memories of this bands journey.

4/9/2017 – The Warehouse @ FTC, Fairfield CT

This show was really fun for a few reasons. I believe it was a sunday show and we had Adrian Tramontano from Kung Fu/The Breakfast join us on percussion (which is always a treat). We did some fun variations on songs including a reggae version of “Nerds”. Then at the end of the set we switched instruments for a long and fun improv jam. I’m pretty sure Mike Gantzer from Aqueous joined at one point, although my memory is a bit fuzzy and I could have just completely imagined that. 

Since returning from their year-long sabbatical in April, Dopapod has been hard at work both in the studio and onstage. In late-May, the quartet released their latest studio LP, Emit Time, the follow-up to the band’s 2017 album, Megagem. The band has also been steadily making their way back into the live circuit, with upcoming performances set for The Peach Music FestivalThe Werk Out Music and Arts Festival, as well as a pair of shows in Denver at The Ogden Theatre and a special performance at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox.

Fans can head here to access Dopapod’s updated catalog of live shows on

For a full list of Dopapod’s upcoming tour dates, ticketing, and more information, head to the band’s website.