You never know what you might stumble across on any given late-night/early morning in Denver, but if Neal “Fro” Evans (Dopapod) and Matt Jalbert (TAUK) are hosting a superjam, you’re probably in for a good night. Add in the fact that lespecial and SunSquabi are both in town and the “aftershow” becomes the main event.

The stars were in full alignment just after 2 a.m. local time on Sunday morning at Denver’s Knew Conscious, where a superjam led by Evans and Jalbert teased “very special guests.” The duo delivered on that promise, welcoming members of both visiting bands in addition to drummers Adam Deitch (Lettuce), Isaac Teel (TAUK), and more.

The de facto house band mainly consisted of recent Denver transplant Jalbert and Jonny Grusauskas (lespecial) on guitar, Fro on drums, and Josh Fairman (SunSquabi) and Luke Bemand (lespecial) subbing in and out on bass. After jetting over from SunSquabi’s show at the Ogden Theatre, Fairman helped open the show alongside Fro, Grusauskas, and Jalbert with Bob Marley‘s “Concrete Jungle”. lespecial arrived at Knew Conscious hot off a sold-out show at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom earlier in the night.

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From there the show was off and running as Denver local Adam Deitch jumped on the kit for Kendrick Lamar‘s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” only to cede his seat mid-song to Jalbert’s partner in crime Isaac Teel for a heavy, progressive breakdown. The stage continued to function as a revolving door with Bemand, Will Trask (Great American Taxi), and even SunSquabi lighting designer Stephen Eski Edwards coming up to perform covers by Prince, Radiohead, and—in true lespecial fashion—a healthy string of Primus covers led by drummer Rory Dolan.

Check out a full stream of the Matt Jalbert and Neal “Fro” Evans superjam at Knew Conscious as well as a gallery of images courtesy of photographer Courtney Scout.

Matt Jalbert & Neal Evans w/ Very Special Guests – Knew Conscious – Denver, CO – 2/18/23

Setlist: Matt Jalbert & Neal “Fro” Evans Superjam | Knew Conscious | Denver, CO | 2/18/23

Set: Concrete Jungle (Bob Marley) [1], Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Kendrick Lamar) [2], Kiss (Prince), Jam #1 [3], Jam #2 [3], The National Anthem (Radiohead), Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (Primus) [4], Laquerhead (Primus) [4], Two Many Puppies (Primus) [4]

[1] w/ Josh Fairman

[2] w/ Adam Deitch, Isaac Teel, Josh Fairman

[3] w/ Will Trask, Stephen Eski Edwards

[4] w/ Rory Dolan