On Saturday, May 30th, over 70 artists and thousands of fans came together for Quarantine Comes Alive, a virtual music festival that raised over $160,000 for an array of charities via the comprehensive PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The 15-hour live stream marathon featured virtual performances and never-before-seen videos by an array of artists from around the world including jam band mainstays Dopapod who offered up performed not one, but two different contributions to the event. In addition to their cover of CAKE‘s “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”, Dopapod linked up with guitarist/vocalist Dave Brandwein of Turkuaz for the first-ever “live” rendition of their collaborative track, “Bet On Tales”. The song originally appeared on Dopapod’s 2009 album, Radar, but has never been played at a show.

Much like their Quarantine Comes Alive “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” performance, this clip shows the members of Dopapod performing in split-screen from their respective homes. A floating Brandwein square flutters in and out of frame as the Turkuaz singer, donning a Tipitina’s t-shirt, adds lead and backing vocals to the prog-tinged tune.

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As the song moves into guitarist Rob Compa‘s first solo, viewers get a moment of quarantine-appropriate levity. While the audio of Compa’s solo segment plays, the video shifts to Rob, holding up a series of handwritten messages: “Hey guys—(n’ gals)—Rob, here. This solo was a first take. I liked it. Unfortunately… I forgot to record video when I played it. I didn’t feel like recording another less honest take, or an even less honest miming video… So here’s a clever explanation instead. I personally think it’s more creative/fun than miming along to my own solo. Sorry/enjoy. I promise there’s video of me playing the next solo.” [Note: There is, and it’s great].

Watch Dopapod and Dave Brandwein perform “Bet on Tales” for Quarantine Comes Alive below:

Dopapod ft. Dave Brandwein (Turkuaz) – “Bet on Tales” – Quarantine Comes Alive

Presented by Live For Live Music in partnership with PLUS1 and Nugs.TV, Quarantine Comes Alive was conceived as a way to celebrate and support musicians, provide fans with unique musical experiences from the comfort of their couches, and raise money for comprehensive COVID-19 relief during this time of uncertainty. All funds raised from the donation-based event will be split evenly between the artists on the bill and the PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund, which works directly with leading non-profit organizations like Sweet ReliefMusiCaresCenter for Disaster PhilanthropyWorld Central KitchenPartners In HealthTrans Lifeline, and Backline to provide aid where it’s needed most. For more information, head here.