Drive-By Truckers released a new music video for the song “Tough To Let Go” on Thursday. The song comes from the band’s critically-acclaimed 13th studio album, The New OK, released last year.

The video for “Tough To Let Go” finds the band adopting simple stick figure animation with an emphasis on the song’s lyrics, which dominate most of the clip. This comes in stark contrast to the music video for the album’s title track that was set to footage from BLM protests in frontman Patterson Hood‘s adopted town of Portland, OR where, Hood asserted, peaceful protests were broken up by federal police in riot gear and outside agitators.

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The subject matter of “Tough To Let Go” also diverts from the rest of The New OK, as Hood looks inward to one’s own issues rather than dissecting the problems of the outside world. Encapsulated by the protagonist stick character, the focus in “Tough To Let Go” is perhaps the mission of looking to work on one’s inner self before attempting to fix the problems of society.

Hood said of the song in a statement,

‘Tough To Let Go’ literally came to me in a dream. Ironically, in my dream it was a Jason Isbell song. My wife and I were seeing him soundcheck in a great big arena and he and his band were working up this brand new song. I told my wife that his new song was great and sounded like a huge hit. Then I woke up and realized that it wasn’t anyone’s actual song, so I immediately wrote it. 

I even sent Jason a copy of the recording with some other songs to get his feedback and he said it was his favorite of the bunch. He assured me that it was indeed my song though. We recorded it in Memphis at Sam Phillips Recording Service. To me the horns take it to the next level. I’m really proud of the video also.

Watch Drive-By Truckers’ new music video for “Tough To Let Go” from The New OK below.

Drive-By Truckers – “Tough To Let Go” (Official Video)

[Video: Drive-By Truckers]

Patterson Hood was one of over 50 artists and speakers to participate in Georgia Comes Alive on December 26th. Together these artists and activists, along with nearly a million viewers from around the world, raised over $170,000 for local Georgia non-partisan voter registration organizations. Revisit Hood’s performance of The New OK tracks from the one-day virtual festival.