Dustbowl Revival released a live quarantine video for “Nobody Knows (Is It You)” on Wednesday in addition to sharing the round two lineup for the band’s virtual Sway-At-Home Fest, which will include performances by Valerie JuneThe War and TreatyA.J. CrocePokey LaFargeLily Hiatt, and more on May 23rd-24th.

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“Nobody Knows (Is It You)” comes from Dustbowl Revival’s latest full-length studio album, Is It You, Is It Me, released back on January 31st, 2020. Much like many of the other quarantine videos released over the past couple of months, each member of the band recorded from a separate location. Unlike many of the other quarantine videos released over the past couple of months, “Nobody Knows (Is It You)” featured clips of fans around the world dancing along to the upbeat song. Video of fans dancing in T-Rex costumes, former Dustbowl bassist James Klopfleisch, his wife Morgan and bird Wilma, as well as an excited, shirtless man and more, are dispersed throughout the 4:32 runtime.

“It is important to us, to still do what we do best which is try to connect and uplift one another in hard times as well as fun, this was a way we could do that and stay safe,” said co-lead Liz Beebe in a press release.

Watch Dustbowl Revival perform “Nobody Knows (Is It You)” live from quarantine below.

Dustbowl Revival – “Nobody Knows (Is It You)”

[Video: Dustbowl Revival]

Sway-At-Home Fest will return on Saturday, May 23rd, and continue Sunday, May 24th. This will mark the second round of Sway-At-Home performances, following the initial run back on April 17th-19th. Visit the band’s Facebook page to watch the event live on the 23rd and 24th from 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. PDT.