MonoNeon received a notable shoutout from Eddie Murphy during a New York Times interview alongside Arsenio Hall which was published by the newspaper on Wednesday.

The Ghost-Note bassist and talented solo artist was given a good ‘ol fashioned name drop by Murphy when the two comedians were asked how they pass the time in the makeup trailer while on set for the forthcoming Coming 2 America sequel.

Hall began to answer the question of whether the two actors share the same makeup trailer (spoiler: they don’t) by explaining how he didn’t want to spend time watching old Prince music videos, to which Murphy replied, “Oh, you didn’t want to see MonoNeon?”

Much to Hall’s chagrin, Murphy explains why the colorful bassist is such a polarizing figure and under-appreciated gem within the music community, saying, “MonoNeon — what’s the best way to describe him? MonoNeon is a musician who plays bass and he’s unbelievable. He’s Jimi Hendrix and Basquiat and Skittles, all combined. I could watch it for hours and hours and hours and hours.”

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Check out a photo excerpt of the interview shared by MonoNeon below.

Eddie Murphy has been vocal about his MonoNeon obsession in the past. He even turned fellow comedy legend Dave Chappelle on to Mono’s magic. Watch Chappelle and John Mayer talk about MonoNeon in the clip below.


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Revisit the February 2021 edition of The Funk Sessions featuring MonoNeon alongside Brandon “Taz” NiederauerEddie RobertsAlvin Ford Jr.Shira EliasLyle DivinskyNick Gerlach, and Gabe Mervine, and Joey Porter with a full video of the show here.

Click here to revisit MonoNeon’s solo rendition of “Women, Water & Weed” as seen during Justice Comes Alive in June 2020.

[UPDATE 3/3/21]: the Coming 2 America promo tour is quickly turning into “Eddie Murphy’s MonoNeon Appreciation Club.” Watch Murphy talk to Jimmy Kimmel about the enigmatic bassist on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.


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