Here’s a nice story… Eddie Vedder performed a solo set at Nashville’s Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival two weekends ago. Toward the end of the 20-song setlist, the Pearl Jam frontman welcomed an unexpected guest to the stage, 12-year-old Jack West. According to a local news outlet, Vedder met West several hours before the scheduled performance at a nearby hotel, where they chatted about music for about 10 minutes before the boy asked Vedder if he could perform on stage with him that night. Vedder agreed, and the two met again on the festival grounds and practiced backstage together ahead of the collaboration.

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Jack West got Eddie Vedder’s attention because of his “PJMC” shirt and his “cool” look. Before welcoming Jack to the stage, Vedder commented on his own thought process, “He’s got such a cool name, he’s such a cool kid, and he’s got such a cool shirt, I bet he can sing too!” He continued, “The last time I pulled someone out of hte crowd to sing, it was horrible, and I said to myself, ‘I am never fucking doing that again.'” As the crowd laughed, the boy walked out comfortably and sat down to deliver an awe-inspiring performance of “Society,” from Vedder’s 2017 Into The Wild release.


Watch the duet below:

In a time marred by darkness, we must absorb sweet stories like these, when music connects people to make dreams come true.

Setlist: Eddie Vedder | Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival | Nashville, TN | 9/24/17

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