In honor of Willie Nelson‘s 87th birthday today, Edie Brickell has shared a new collaboration with Nelson himself, “Sing to Me, Willie”. According to an announcement press release, all proceeds from the duet with her longtime friend will benefit MusiCares‘ COVID-19 Relief Fund.

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As Brickell notes on the idea behind the song, “On Christmas Day, 2018, Willie asked me to write a song for us to sing together. What a gift! My father and Texas are my biggest connections to Willie. I never hear his voice without loving memories of people and places back home. If only my dad could have heard this song.”

The connection between Brickell, her father, and the music of Willie Nelson becomes quickly apparent as she opens the song with the line, “We played your music at my daddy’s funeral/And the pastor was amused/He said it’s hard to follow ‘Whiskey River’ as he looked at us in the pews.” Brickell continues with candid reflections on the healing properties of Willie Nelson’s “Texas lullabies.”

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“Your voice reminds me of my home/Take me to Texas with a song,” Brickell sings, inviting Willie to chime in on the beauties of his native Lone Star State. As Brickell and Nelson sing in unison for the song’s final coda, “There are some places you recall forever, and some people you can’t forget.”

Recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin, TX, the new song also features members of Brickell’s backing band, New BohemiansJohn Bush (percussion), Brad Houser (bass) and Kenny Withrow (electric guitar)—as well as special guest musicians Kyle Crusham (acoustic guitar) and Matt Hubbard (keyboards).

Listen to “Sing to Me, Willie” on the platform of your choice here or watch the music video (premiered 5/6/20) below:

Edie Brickell w/ Willie Nelson – “Sing to Me, Willie” [Official Video]

Edie Brickell w/ Willie Nelson – “Sing to Me, Willie”

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