While jam bands are known for the dedication of their fans, even the most rabid, tour-ravaged hippies can’t match the loving loyalty of a dog. That’s why Eggy dedicated their new song, “Home Is Where The Dog Lives”, to man’s best friend.

The song was originally previewed earlier this month in the second installment of the Connecticut-based quartet’s Original and Illuminate collection. In this highly innovative series, fans can gain early access to unreleased material with one of Eggy’s Limited Edition hoodie (LE40) “song infused” garments by tapping on the sleeve.

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For all of us without magic clothes, the full release of “Home Is Where The Dog Lives” came on Tuesday. With some help from their growing fanbase, keyboardist Dani Battat created a video comprised of fan-shot footage of their furry friends. Along with the song’s fun-loving, bouncy rhythm, the band paints a picture of domestic bliss complete with dogs and lost socks. Since this was a collaborative effort, after all, the band is sure to thank the stars of the video—the dogs—with a credit roll at the end. Some of the best dog names include Stella BlueJake Da GoatChella Blue Fitzgerald, and Beebop Zdenek Rondeau.

Watch the new video for “Home Is Where The Dog Lives” by Eggy. For more information on the band’s Illuminate series, head to their website.

Eggy – “Home Is Where The Dog Lives” (Official Music Video)

[Video: Eggy]