The men of New Haven, CT’s Eggy are making sure their jams are squeaky clean ahead of their performance at Twiddle‘s Tumble Down festival, set to take place on Friday, July 27th and Saturday, July 28th on the shores of Lake Champlain at Burlington, VT’s Waterfront Park.

Today, the four-piece shared a new video clip titled “The Tumbledown Boogie”, a saloon-style theme song for the upcoming festival. In it, the band’s members—bassist Mike Goodman, guitarist Jake Brownstein, drummer Alex Bailey, and keyboardist Dani Battat—rinse off in their respective showers as they croon the catchy tune’s lyrics, thrown together at the tail end of a rehearsal earlier this week. Watch Eggy’s “Tumbledown Boogie” below:

Eggy – “The Tumbledown Boogie”

 [Video: EGGYlivemusic; Edited by Adam Soltis]

Notes Jake Brownstein, “As a band, we couldn’t be happier to be playing Tumble Down this year. It’s an honor to be able to share our music in such a beautiful environment amongst some of our musical heroes and friends.” He continues, explaining the “classic Eggy thought process” that produced the idea for the video:

Egg 1: “Oh we can’t film this together?”
Egg 2: “It’s okay, we’ll just do selfie videos outside!”
Egg 3: “Yeah, but we’d all have to do it at the same time of day so the sky looks the same”
Egg 4: “You’re right… let’s just film it in the shower then!” 

Check out the lyrics below:

Eggy – “Tumble Down Boogie” Lyrics

Hey Vermont did you hear the news?
There’s a little party going on in your neck of the woods
If you’re looking for an adventure you can end your hunt
Get on down to the sound on the waterfront

Gather around one and all
We’re gonna get together and have a ball
Bring a friend and come around
Cause it’s all going on at Tumble Down

Don’t think twice, I mean how could you not?
When all your favorite bands are playing the lake in Vermont
C’mon now you’ve got to be insane
Not to tumbledown on Lake Champlain
Tumble Down on Lake Champlain
Tumble Down on Lake Champlain

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While their hygiene skills are clearly on point, Eggy does their best work onstage, where their highly trained musicianship, thoughtful songwriting, four-part harmonies, and seasoned group improvisational abilities are on full display. “It was a ton of fun making this video,” says Brownstein, “but if you think you’ve seen it all, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Don’t miss Eggy when they take the stage at Tumble Down on Friday, July 27th. Grab your tickets here. In addition to their recently announced summer tour dates, Eggy is preparing a very special tribute to Little Feat with help from members of Deep Banana Blackout and Legion of Jerry set for Friday, August 10th, at The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT. As Brownstein explains, “We’ve been having a blast diving into their catalog so you can definitely expect to hear some tunes of theirs, as well as some music from our upcoming album due to be released later this year.”

You can take a taste of Eggy below with this live video from their performance at The Acoustic earlier this year. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the full show here, and check out a full list of Eggy’s upcoming shows here.

Eggy – “City Lights” > “The Stake” > “In It For The Ride” > “The Vortex”

[Video: EGGYlivemusic]

Setlist: Eggy | The Acoustic | Bridgeport, CT | 1/20/18

Set One: City Lights > The Stake* > In It For The Ride > The Vortex, Upside Down**, Onitsuka Tiger

Set Two: The Music Never Stopped^, Cicada Sings, Zaboomafoo% > Yuck!, Golden Gate Dancer

Encore: Buying Time

* Steve Miller Band cover, Eggy debut
** Original, debut
^ Grateful Dead cover
Zaboomafoo theme song