Electric Beethoven has unveiled a new single today “The Fifth”, via Eddie Roberts’ new record label and multi-media platform Color Red. The release marks the first for Color Red’s new artist “Session Series”, as Reed Mathis, Todd Stoops, Clay Welch, and Josh Raymer put their funky spin on Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony”.

Electric Beethoven’s new tune “The Fifth” was recorded by Mike Tallman at Color Red Studios in Denver, mixed by Jeff Franca, and produced by Mathis.

Reed Mathis shared his thoughts on “The Fifth”. He explains,

Electric Beethoven is four close friends who like to improvise together in the groove, and enjoy inhabiting the songwriting of Beethoven. Our goal is to call back to Earth the ghosts that lie dormant in these old tunes. Kinda sounds like MMW, but less avant & with prettier melodies…..Closer to instrumental Beastie Boys. This song “The Fifth” turned out exactly as I’d hoped……funky, moody, stoney, and you wanna start it over every time you get to the end.

Color Red adds,

What would happen if Beethoven were to present lead sheets to an all-star lineup of the heaviest hitters on today’s jam scene? Reed Mathis conquers the task in his fresh approach to tackling Beethoven’s 5th Symphony aptly titled “The Fifth.” Dubby textures pave the way for blissful organ fills and canonic improvisation. The true beauty in Mathis’ interpretation lies in both spatial and textural awareness of all moving parts—all musicians are free to craft their role within the song without ever “soloing” or blandly noodling over the rhythm section. Tension and release is epitomized in a pensive breakdown before pivoting back to the iconic “A” section that simmers down with the intent to make the audience resonate with a brand new sonic experience unlike anything else. “Fate knocking at your door”….that’s how the iconic opening notes of Beethoven’s 5th were described when they were first heard 200 years ago. No one could have known that fate would lead to the irresistible groove of Electric Beethoven.

Listen to Electric Beethoven’s new tune “The Fifth” below:

Electric Beethoven – “The Fifth”

[Video: Color Red]