Last night, Electric Beethoven played their first show ever at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, California. Billed as the first-ever “Classical Dance Music” live band, the project is the brainchild of bassist Reed Mathis, and features a lineup that includes Jay Lane, Cochrane McMillan, Todd Stoops, and Clay Welch.

With only snippets of information leaking over the last couple months, fans were finally treated to what the band describes as “CDM interpretations of Beethoven’s finest works.” It’s the perfect treat for the contemporary music enthusiast who appreciates the modern hand on some epic classics. The band heroically executed Beethoven’s entire third and sixth symphonies, “jammed the fuck out of course,” which you can begin to dissect in the video clips below:


A video posted by Kat Bazlen (@kval9lives) on


A video posted by Kat Bazlen (@kval9lives) on

Electric Beethoven is sticking around the area, bringing a very second performance to Outside Lands as an official attraction dubbed the “Electric Beethoven Acid Test.” The sold out festival will feature the band on the GastroMagic Stage next Saturday, August 6th, at 4:00 PM. 

The symphonies were performed in reverse order, so the setlist from last night looks like this:

Electric Beethoven @ Terrapin Crossroads 8/3/16:

Set I – Beethoven’s 3rd:

Funeral March
In Memory Of A Great Man

Set II – Beethoven’s 6th

Shepherd’s Song
Rain Dance
Scene By The River
Awakening Of Happiness

[Instagram clips via Kat Bazlen]