In the wide world of guitars throughout the world, there are some versions of the popular stringed instrument that are overly-expensive, while others are simply too impractical to ever be seriously played. Some–like the five-neck guitar famously used by Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen–exist with an abundance of mystery and confusion as to why someone would ever want to play it.

Then there are instances like Russian guitar maker Art Mayer, who recently built his own version of the electric instrument out of 36 packs of ramen noodles. Seriously.

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Mayer, who builds his own instruments for his company Copper Guitars, recently took the term “resourcefulness” to unreachable levels, as he built his own working axe made out of 36 packs of ramen noodles, five liters of polyester resin, a piece of maple, and some simple accessories.

After creating a body filled with the noodles, Mayer continued the process by taking the finished body and applying the proper electronic pickups, wiring, neck, and boom–ramen guitar complete! Surprisingly, the process doesn’t appear to be too difficult for the average player or builder, as long as he/she has a decent working knowledge of woodwork and boiling instant noodles. Mayer did admit that the ambitious project did take up a “catastrophic amount of time” and money, so perhaps try to stop by the local music store to see what the pre-made options are before running out to purchase some chicken-flavored ramen in bulk.

Watch Mayer build a ramen noodle guitar from scratch below.

Art Mayer Building Guitar With Ramen Noodles

[Video: ArtMayer]

[H/T GuitarWorld]