Back in July, ElephantProof released its debut studio record, EP EP, ahead of a slot at Goose‘s Fred The Festival. With Goose drummer Ben Atkind leading the way behind the kit, ElephantProof has returned with another new studio cut, “Baltimore Scrappledorf”.

Also comprised of members Sean Cronin (guitar), “Doc” Chris Enright (keys), and Shon Gordon (bass), the band has more connections to Goose than Atkind alone. Enright served as the second keyboardist for Goose. Remaining in the band for three years, it’s Doc’s keys that are heard on the 2016 Moon Cabin album. Furthermore, Cronin has collaborated with Goose in the live setting, most recently in 2019 at Down The Road Beer Co. in Boston, MA (4/19).

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Musical connections to Goose aside, ElephantProof forges its own distinct path, defined by a heavier, groove-driven all-instrumental sound. Starting off with the thick, muddy thump of Gordon’s bass, “Baltimore Scrappledorf” quickly builds up to an explosive progression. Cronin’s distorted guitar slides in atop the bumping rhythm section with a raucous riff, while the percussive clavinet sounds from Enright’s keys interject flavor to the mix.

The track stays in this tight pocket for a while before Cronin takes over with lead guitar lines. He explores this territory for a bit, allowing the guitar to fully express itself, before Enright and his organ sounds take over and add some brightness. This section builds to another high peak before the pulling of a ripcord ends the song at its climax; with no falling action necessary.

Check out the new ElephantProof single below, recorded at Gary’s Electric Studio by Robert Aceto in Brooklyn, NY, and filmed/edited by Bryan Murphy.

ElephantProof – “Baltimore Scrappledorf”