Later on in 2018, the prolific musician Elton John has announced he will retire from touring with an extensive 300-date tour dubbed “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.” John revealed these plans, including a massive global farewell tour, which will likely span through to 2021, on Wednesday during an event hosted by Anderson Cooper.

At 70 years old, John explained his reasoning behind his farewell, noting, “My priorities have changed in my life. … My priorities now are my children, my husband, my family. I thought the time is right to say thank you to my fans and say goodbye.”

As reported by Consequence of Sound, “John stressed that his decision to retire has nothing to do with his health (last year, he was forced to cancel several concerts after contracting a rare bacterial infection).” The outlet noted that to reiterate this point, John explained his upcoming farewell tour’s massive route will see the singer and songwriter perform 300 shows on pretty much every continent. After elaborating on the tour, John noted, “That doesn’t sound like someone who is in poor health to me.”

Though the tour is likely to continue for years, John noted that once the tour is over, he’ll be done for good. As John explained, “I’m not going to say I’m retiring and then do a world tour. I’m not Cher.”

[H/T Consequence of Sound]