Guitarist Eric Krasno has released his new studio project in the form of a 10-track concept album titled, TELESCOPE.

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Released under the moniker KRAZ, the acclaimed guitarist’s new album tells the story of a Brooklyn brownstone and the characters living within, according to the project’s initial announcement. The album includes previously released singles “Leave A Little” and “Vacant“, and features guest appearances from Emily King and Son Little.

Drawing inspiration from The Who’s Tommy and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, this passion project serves as an homage to Krasno’s home in Brooklyn for 18 years. The complete project follows three apartments, the people residing in them, and how their lives intertwine with each other.

“It’s a cross-section of the different worlds I’ve lived in—from producing hip-hop records for guys like 50 Cent to performing with The Grateful Dead,” Krasno previously said of his latest project. “I always hoped to eventually combine everything. I also wanted to write from these different perspectives. This was the first time I could. I moved to Los Angeles at the end of making ‘TELESCOPE’, but this is my ode to Brooklyn. Some of the songs are based on true experiences and real people. Others are embellished. There’s definitely some of me in the songs too.”

Stream Krasno’s new album in full below.

KRAZ [Eric Krasno] – TELESCOPE

Krasno will celebrate the album’s arrival on Friday with the continuation of his four-night, eight-set run at Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the Eric Krasno Trio. Head to Krasno’s website for tickets and tour info.

It was also recently announced that Krasno would be the one to replace late musician Neal Casal as the new guitarist in Circles Around The Sun.