Back in March, Vulf Records released a six-track EP under a new moniker The Fearless Flyers. The new band—comprised of Vulfpeck bassist Joe Dart, guitarist Cory Wong, drummer Nate Smith, and Snarky Puppy guitarist Mark Lettieri—has now released all six music video-supported tracks from the self-titled EP. You can purchase/download the full record here.

Following the official releases of “Aces of Aces”, “Under the Sea / Flyers Drive”, “Barbara“, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered“, “Bicentennial“, Vulf Records has shared the studio video for “Introducing the Fearless Flyers”, the EP’s third tune. “Introducing the Fearless Flyers” showcases the tight musicianship between the four players, providing the style of playing that fans of Vulfpeck crave from the band’s earlier days.

Watch “The Seal Team 6 of funk” go in for studio duty on “Introducing the Fearless Flyers” below:

The Fearless Flyers – “Introducing the Fearless Flyers” [Official Video]

[Video: Vulf]

The new-ish project—which is produced, composed, and mixed by the “Vulfmon” himself, Jack Stratton (bandleader/multi-instrumentalist of Vulfpeck)—is seemingly a “2.0” version of the original Vulfpeck lineup. Basically, any musical group under the Vulf Records umbrella will resonate with fans of Vulfpeck, as the brain and tools behind the music will all come from the same place. The Vulf Compressor, indeed, continues its legacy.

The full record is available on Bandcamp and features all sorts of musical nuggets. A sped-up, jammed-out, funkified rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” appears on the EP, featuring guitarist Blake Mills and gospel performer Sandra Crouch. A secondary version of “Barbara” also appears on the record, featuring Sandra Crouch again on the tambourine, as a follow-up to Vulfpeck’s 2012 Vollmich version of the song. There’s also a “kids” version of The Little Mermaid‘s “Under The Sea”, while “Bicentennial” is a clear continuation of the closing groove from Vulfpeck’s Mr. Finish Line track, “Grandma”. You can own a copy of The Fearless Flyers today for $6, if you didn’t already reserve a copy of the vinyl, here.