Ever-rising electro-funk producer Flamingosis has released his highly anticipated debut studio album, Daymaker. In addition to digital platforms, the 13-track release is also available as limited edition 180g double LP with pink discs, which comes with a 12×24 poster insert. Check out Daymaker vinyl and merch options here.

Featuring previously released singles “Wild Summer“, “Cosmic Feeling“, and the title track, Flamingosis further expands his musical vision on Daymaker. The album marks the first time the artist, born Aaron Velasquez, brought collaborators into the studio.

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For Daymaker, Flamingosis worked with an array of established and up-and-coming musicians including keyboardist Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights, Break Science), Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation), Hunter Roberts, and hip-hop funk duo Recess and Mike Tallman (Euforquestra).

Additionally, the album carries a vintage quality as Flamingosis also incorporated samples from the late ’70s/early ’80s from the likes of Graham Central Station, Tim Maia, The Voices of East Harlem, Eddie Hazel, Niteflyte, and more.

“It’s the first time I’ve made original compositions in a studio session with musicians,” Flamingosis said in a press release. “I was initially scared, but so much great material came out of the sessions. We weren’t just passing files back and forth online. It was hands-on. You never know if it’s a full band or an electronic hip-hop beat. It was so cool to make music in a new way.”

The album is also deeply personal for Velasquez, as Daymaker utilizes samples of interviews with his father and uncle during their Freestyle Frisbee World Championship days. The music video for the previously released track “Wild Summer” is composed entirely of recently unearthed family footage from the brothers’ 1970s–1980s heydey.

In fact, even the name Flamingosis is an homage to them as it refers to the move they pioneered, “a reverse spinning catch on one leg, like a flamingo”.

“It’s a continuation of what I’ve been doing with my music for a while,” Flamingosis said. “I try to make each album uplifting. If you’re not feeling the best in the moment, the goal is to get you to a better place. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, the album reminds you things are going to be alright no matter how hard they seem. Hopefully, it puts you into an elevated state of mind.”

Listen to Daymaker, the debut studio album from Flamingosis, below via Spotify or on the platform of your choice here.

Flamingosis – Daymaker – Full Album

Flamingosis will take Daymaker on the road for a 24-date tour later this year. Last week, amid the buzz surrounding the new album and upcoming tour, Flamingosis hosted a Super Smash Bros. tournament over Twitch, where fans had the opportunity to face off with Aaron as well as compete against each other for a private, pre-release preview of Daymaker.

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See below for a full list of upcoming 2021 Flamingosis Daymaker tour dates. For more information and ticketing details, head here.

Flamingosis Fall Tour Dates 

09/16 – Boston, MA

09/25 – Detroit, MI

09/26 – Chicago, IL

09/30 – Ft. Collins, CO

10/01 – Boulder, CO

10/02 – Denver, CO

10/06 – Vancouver, BC

10/07 – Portland, OR

10/08 – Seattle, WA

10/09 – Bellingham, WA

10/14 – Los Angeles, CA

10/15 – Santa Barbara, CA

10/16 – Santa Cruz, CA

10/17 – San Francisco, CA

10/21 – Brooklyn, NY

10/22 – Washington, DC

11/12 – Montréal, QC

11/13 – Toronto, ON

12/01 – Houston, TX

12/03 – Dallas, TX

12/04 – Austin TX

12/08 – Asheville, NC

12/09 – Atlanta, GA

12/10 – Nashville, TN

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