Flavor Flav has responded to Chuck D after the Public Enemy frontman announced that Flav was no longer a member of the group.

Yesterday, Live For Live Music reported on the removal of Flavor Flav, which occurred just before Public Enemy Radio—a Public Enemy offshoot—was set to perform at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Los Angeles, CA. Tensions arose when Flav sent a cease and desist letter to the Sanders campaign for “The unauthorized use of [his] likeness, image, and trademarked clock in promotional materials.” Flav took issue with the campaign because they billed the event as “Public Enemy,” when they actually booked “Public Enemy Radio.”

After saying, “He has a year to get his act together and get himself straight, or he’s out,” on Friday, Public Enemy fired Flav on Saturday.

On Monday, Flav fired back on Twitter. Writing to Chuck D, he said: “Are you kidding me right now???,,,over Bernie Sanders??? You wanna destroy something we’ve built over 35 years OVER POLITICS???,,,all because I don’t wanna endorse a candidate,,,I’m very disappointed in you and your decisions right now.”

He continued the barrage of tweets, saying, “I didn’t sue you on Friday,,,i asked the [Bernie Sanders] campaign to correct misleading marketing.” Flav then went on to say, “I’m not your employee,,,i’m your partner,,,you can’t fire me,,,there is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav,,,so let’s get it right Chuck.”

Check out the full string of tweets below:

While it looks like this may just be the beginning of the beef between the two, here’s to hoping that they can resolve their differences and mend ties. Follow Flavor Flav’s Twitter for the latest updates on this developing story.