Foo Fighters continued their “dance band” evolution with a cover of Bee Gees classic “You Should Be Dancing” on a recent edition of BBC Radio 2‘s Sofa Session with host Jo Whiley.

As Grohl said of the cover in an interview segment during the episode, “Let me tell you, I have never ever in my life sung like that, but it was the easiest song I have ever sung in my entire life. I didn’t realize that my voice could be, like, ‘[sings chorus in falsetto].’ I’ve never done that before! … So, I sang the song and it was like six minutes and I was done. Like, ‘Oh my god, I should’ve been singing like this for the last 25 years!”

When Whiley joked that he would now have to sing that way at every show, Grohl responded with a cryptic nod to future projects—and a further shift in style for the band: “Well, listen, just so you know, we have a plan. I’m just telling you that there is a plan, I’m not telling you what that plan might be.”

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The Foo Fighters frontman has not been shy about discussing the band’s shift toward a more groove-oriented sound as he continues to hit the promo circuit in support of Medicine At Midnight, the Foos’ recently-released tenth studio album. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Grohl referred to Medicine At Midnight as “a party record … songs that have groove and they’re gonna make people bounce [at] the stadiums and festivals bounce.”

“[We] grew up listening to rock bands that made albums that you could, like, do the Molly Ringwald dance to, you know, albums that you could kind of get down to, David Bowie records or Rolling Stones records, and even long before that, Sly & The Family Stone—we were all raised on that type of music,” Grohl told host Jimmy Fallon. “We never thought that we would apply that to what we do, but I was like, ‘why not?’ At this point it’s like, everything I say is a dad joke, everything I wear … they’re like sweatpants and Crocs or whatever. Let’s do this [does Molly Ringwald dance]. I wanna see a stadium doing this.”

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Below, you can listen to a clip of the Foo Fighters’ rendition of “You Should Be Dancing” from Sofa Session as well as the original Bee Gees version as featured in Saturday Night Fever for comparison. Listen to the full cover and the rest of the episode here.

Medicine At Midnight is now available to stream on the platform of your choice.

Foo Fighters – “You Should Be Dancing” (Bee Gees, partial) – BBC Radio 2 Sofa Session

Bee Gees – “You Should Be Dancing” – Saturday Night Fever

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