Fresh off the release of Medicine At Midnight earlier this year, Foo Fighters have announced their next studio effort. However, the band’s 11th album won’t be another bevy of alt-rock tunes, instead, the Dave Grohl-led outfit will take a hard detour into the world of disco. The next album by the Foo Fighters will come in the form of a Bee Gees cover album entitled Hail Satin and released under the monicker Dee Gees.

Announced on Friday, Hail Satin isn’t as out of the blue as it may seem on the surface. Grohl, a true renaissance man, has professed his love for the Gibb brothers in past, with the band recently covering the #1 hit “You Should Be Dancing” from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on BBC Radio 2. During that appearance, Grohl even made cryptic nods to this latest endeavor the band has announced.

When host Jo Whiley joked that Grohl would have to don his falsetto at future Foo Fighters concerts, Grohl let out a bit of line by saying, “Well, listen, just so you know, we have a plan. I’m just telling you that there is a plan, I’m not telling you what that plan might be.”

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Hail Satin will feature covers of “You Should Be Dancing”, “Shadow Dancing”, “Night Fever”, “Tragedy”, and “More Than A Woman” on the A side. On the B side, however, Dee Gees will revert back to Foo Fighters and provide recent live versions of five Medicine at Midnight tracks, “Making A Fire”, “Shame Shame”, “Waiting On A War”, “No Son Of Mine”, “Cloudspotter”. Referring to the disco-coated side of Hail Satin, the band advised “For optimal results listen with exposed chest hair and little gold spoon necklace (If you know, you know…).”

Foo Fighters’ (aka Dee Gees) Hail Satin will be available for the second of two Record Store Day “Drops” dates on July 17th. Scroll down to see the full tracklist.

Side A — The DEE GEES:
01 “You Should Be Dancing”
02 “Night Fever”
03 “Tragedy”
04 “Shadow Dancing”
05 “More Than A Woman”

Side B — LIVE At 606:
01 “Making A Fire”
02 “Shame Shame”
03 “Waiting On A War”
04 “No Son Of Mine”
05 “Cloudspotter”

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