After returning to the stage last week for the band’s first headline show since the sudden death of drummer Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters delivered an epic festival set at Boston Calling that featured appearances by Hawkins’ son Shane as well as Dave Grohl‘s daughter Violet.

Midway through the 20-song set, Foo Fighters welcomed Violet Grohl to sit in on “Shame Shame”, which included a snippet of Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, and “Rope”. Dave Grohl then dedicated a heartfelt solo rendition of “Cold Day in the Sun” to Taylor’s family and Taylor before introducing Shane Hawkins. The young Hawkins sat in on drums during “I’ll Stick Around”.

“He just said, ‘Say something. I gotta fix the snare,'” Grohl said laughingly as the young Hawkins took the stage. After stalling for a minute, Grohl introduced the song, saying, “This is an old song from our first record.” He was unable to finish the introduction, though, as he was cut off by the eager drummer, who launched into the song with intense energy reminiscent of his father’s playing.

This was not the first time Shane has sat in with the Foo Fighters. He previously played “My Hero” with the band at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts.

Watch Shane Hawkins play “I’ll Stick Around” with Foo Fighters at Boston Calling below. For more on the band’s ongoing tour, head here, and for ticketing details, visit the band’s website.

Foo Fighters With Shane Hawkins – “I’ll Stick Around” – 5/26/23

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Foo Fighters With Shane Hawkins – “I’ll Stick Around” – 5/26/23

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Setlist: Foo Fighters | Boston Calling | Boston, MA | 5/26/23

Set: Rescued, Walk, No Son of Mine (with Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” riff in the middle), Learn to Fly, This Is a Call, Times Like These (Dave solo into full band), Under You, The Pretender, The Sky Is a Neighborhood, Breakout, My Hero (Dave solo into full band), All My Life, Shame Shame (with Violet Grohl) (with snippet of Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”), Rope (with Violet Grohl), Cold Day in the Sun (Dave solo electric; dedicated to Taylor’s family and Taylor), I’ll Stick Around (with Oliver Shane Hawkins), Best of You, Monkey Wrench, Aurora, Everlong