Free Peachtree Project has announced a “Virtual Autonomous Zone” one-day livestream event showcasing Atlanta, GA’s art and community leaders to stand together for voting reform and education.

The free, single-day event will take place this Saturday, August 1st at 12 p.m. ET to advocate voices through music, art, conversation, and action. Produced by Atlanta’s Hawk’s Nest Music and Ravine, the livestreamed virtual event will be streaming exclusively on Mixcloud to generate an online hub for Atlanta’s creatives to stand united together calling for meaningful policy reform and personal action. All proceeds raised will benefit Fair Fight Action, a non-profit organization that promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the United States, encourages voter participation, and educates voters about elections and voting rights.

“Being born and raised in Atlanta as part of the fabric of its music industry, an industry rich with the culture and history of people of color, I felt compelled to lend my voice to the chorus calling for meaningful change in the city. I couldn’t be prouder of my team and our friends coming together to use our platform to do some good for ATL,” Whit Hawkins, founder of Hawk’s Nest Music said.

“No Justice” – Adam Deitch ft. Brothers of Brass

[Video: Free Peachtree Project]

The livestream will see virtual performances by Daily Bread, Adam Deitch, Perpetual Groove, Pure Colors, Late Night Radio, Soul Food Cypher, Maddy O’Neal, Motifv, and more. To showcase Atlanta’s eclectic arts community, Greg Mike, Yoyo Ferro, Wolfdog, Angie Jerez, Thomas Turner, and more visual artists will be donating merchandise for the art auction. Many local Atlanta artists will safely gather to perform their set straight from ​Ravine​, with visuals and production by Greg “Lazershark” Ellis, in a socially distant space.

Attendees can text FPP to 243725 to donate. Visit their website to enter Free Peachtree Project’s merch contest, purchase the exclusive FPP and Yoyo Ferro art poster, and register to vote via HeadCount. To stream the Free Peachtree Project, click here.

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