Deadmau5, set to release his upcoming album, While (1<2) on June 17th, has already shown us thorugh the release of several of the album’s singles that he continues to be behind some of the best electronic music produced today. For the time being, however, we won’t be seeing Deadmau5 behind the wheel of a car. 

Just yesterday, iconic Canadian DJ/Producer Deadmau5 had his license suspended by French police officers. Officers have not given a specific reason for the suspension but it seems likely that it was due to speeding. His suspension comes in the height of the iconic Gumball 3000 car race that Deadmau5 annually participates in. This rally car race includes three parts, beginning in Miami, moving over to several European countries like France and concludes in the iconic dance capital of the world, Ibiza. Competing in his iconic “Purrari”, the Ferrari 458 Italia featuring the Nyan Cat logo, Deadmau5 will have his friend and co-teammate Tori Belleci, host of “Blow it Up” continue the driving for him.

Deadmau5, as he informed his Twitter followers, was to fly to Barcelona, while Belleci would finish driving the European leg of the race from France to Barcelona. Deadmau5 would head to Ibiza early and Belleci would meet him via ferry in Ibiza to conclude the race together. As of today, the team has successfully finished the race and Deadmau5 will now hold a free concert in Ibiza to conclude the Gumball 3000 event.

Much anticipation surrounds Deadmau5’s upcoming album, While (1<2). Though some have complained that the first few singles sound somewhat “repetitive” and boring, there’s no doubt that Deadmau5 continues to be a leading driving force in the EDM community. Apparently, however, he seems to be more skilled at “driving” his music in the right direction then actually driving a vehicle on the road.