New Jersey’s legendary (and only) hick-pop band From Good Homes reunited for a weekend celebrating the group’s indelible legacy.

Longtime friends and bandmates Todd Sheaffer (guitar/vocals), Patrick Fitzsimmons (drums), Brady Rymer (bass), Dan Myers (sax), and Jamie Coan (mandolin, guitar, fiddle) gathered on Friday at The Williams Center, a new multi-functional venue in Rutherford, for the first public screening in their native NJ of Charlie Loves Our Band, The Story of From Good Homes. Directed by the band’s friend and former tour manager Victor Guadagno, the film tells the story of how From Good Homes developed a close-knit community of fans and paved the way for other touring bands before shocking fans by breaking up and then eventually coming back together for what has become the band’s reunion era, with a few reunion shows a year and a new album in 2019, but no extensive touring (so far at least).

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After the film screening, fans had a chance to ask the band questions directly during a live Q+A session, which was followed by a special one-set performance. Every FGH reunion is a joyous event, and this was no exception. Though there was no set break, there was a cake break as the band took a moment to celebrate Todd Sheaffer, whose birthday was on Thursday.

From Good Homes – The Williams Center – Rutherford, NJ – 12/15/23

Following Friday’s festivities, From Good Homes hit the stage once more on Saturday, this time at The Newton Theatre. The band played a full two-set show for a sold-out crowd, drawing mostly from their repertoire of originals including songs they wrote in high school and newer compositions from their latest record, Time and the River, plus covers of Gordon Lightfoot‘s “If You Could Read My Mind” and The Band‘s “Up On Cripple Creek”. The group also welcomed percussionist Stevo Nelson to sit in on couple tunes at the end of the show.

From Good Homes – The Newton Theatre – Newton, NJ – 12/16/23

Click below to view a playlist of fan-shot videos of From Good Homes at The Williams Center, and scroll down for the full setlists and a gallery of photos courtesy of photographer Ken Spielman.

From Good Homes – The Williams Center – Rutherford, NJ – 12/15/23 [Video Playlist]

[Video: William Victor Newbold]

Setlist: From Good Homes | The Williams Center | Rutherford, NJ | 12/15/23

Set: Who Do You Love, Comin On Home, Everything Comes Together, Bittersweet Falls, Forgiveness, I’m Your Man, Wake, Souvenirs, Way To Go Pam>Happy Birthday Todd>Way To Go Pam, Boulevard of Dreams, Raindance, Charlie Hogan

Encore: Rock & Roll

Setlist: From Good Homes | The Newton Theatre | Rutherford, NJ | 12/16/23

Set 1: 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Bang That Drum, Tallahassee Trouble, Parachute, Ride All Night, Suzanna Walker, Black Elk Speak, Butterfly & The Tree>If You Could Read My Mind>Butterfly & The Tree, There She Goes

Set 2: Cold Mountain, Radio On, Sweet Spot, Up On Cripple Creek, It’s Gettin Dirty, Old Man and the Land, Ice Cream, Broken Road, Cool Me Down, Fruitful Acre*, Mess*

Encore: Dirty Old Town>Maybe We Will

* w/ SteveO Nelson on washboard