Fruition singer/guitarist Mimi Naja has announced the forthcoming release of her sophomore solo album, Nothing Has Changed, due out independently on April 2nd. The five-track album will be Naja’s first solo release since her 2014 self-titled debut.

The announcement comes just a year after Fruition celebrated the release of their Broken At The Break Of Day studio album with a sold-out show at Denver’s Mission Ballroom alongside The California Honeydrops in January 2020, just prior to the shutdown of the concert industry in March.

Naja has since used the past 11 months to enter a substance treatment program and work on her ongoing sobriety while writing/recording the material heard on the forthcoming album. Naja, who plays on the instruments on the record, shares honest self-examination through poetic stanzas-turned-song verses as she sings, “I still remind myself of someone I despised/Who saw the lessons ‘fore their eyes/Then pushed aside just to remain supposed blind to all they gave … I run from God each time I take a shot/To numb the shame in having not come farther in my time/Which hinders further chance to shed more light.”

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Naja shared the lead single and title track to go with Friday’s announcement, which hears the songwriter offer a soft, ominous performance for an intriguing listening experience. Listen to the new single in the video below, which was co-created with help from Fruition bassist Jeff Leonard.

Mimi Naja – “Nothing Has Changed”

[Video: Mimi Naja Music]

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Nothing Has Changed Tracklisting

1. All You Know of Me
2. Coin In My Pocket
3. No Captain
4. Nothing Has Changed
5. Nothing Has Changed (Reprise)