In January 2020, Fuzz announced its first North American tour in five years. With the band’s third album—III—on the way, 2020 was set to be a year of rebirth for Ty Segall‘s stoner metal outfit, which had gone largely dormant since the release of 2015’ II. Unfortunately, COVID-19 derailed those plans and the band’s touring schedule has been postponed numerous times as fans were left to enjoy III solely from the studio takes. That comes to an end on April 24th at 8 p.m. ET, however, as Fuzz has announced a Levitation Sessions webcast.

Filmed at Zebulon in Los Angeles, Fuzz’s Levitation Sessions finds the band taking out III tracks for the first time in a live setting. Filmed before a pulsating technicolor backdrop, the mixture of sludge-rock with multi-camera footage gives off as close to an authentic concert feel as fans are safely allowed these days. As if not playing live at all for the past year wasn’t enough, the members of Fuzz hadn’t performed live together in five years.

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“There was an intense sense of anxiety between the three of us. ‘Playing a show’ was a totally foreign concept at this point, but there was also some kind of primal instinct of how to come together as a band in real time,” Fuzz said in a statement. “This is the first time we had played songs from III in the context of a set, and we found new footing on some of the old songs. This lead us down avenues we hadn’t seen in rehearsal. To find ourselves in the space right in between ‘lost’ and ‘found’ (aka live) was both alarming and electrifying after having been away from it for so long.”

Get a preview of Fuzz’s Levitation Sessions webcast with a live cut of “Returning” off of III. Tickets for the stream are available now, along with limited-edition merch including audio downloads and vinyl copies of the live album, hand-dyed t-shirts, posters, and more.

Fuzz – “Returning” (Levitation Sessions)


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