New Orleans favorites Galactic have shared a new single from their forthcoming studio album, Already Ready Already, due out on Friday, February 8th via Tchoup-Zilla Records. The new song, “Touch Get Cut”, features a frequent Galactic collaborator, vocalist Erica Falls. “Touch Get Cut” is a soul-drenched tune, leaving listeners with little room but to tap their foot along to the infectious groove. You can listen to the new song below.

Galactic ft. Erica Falls – “Touch Get Cut”

[Audio: Galactic]

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Produced by the band’s Robert Mercurio and Ben EllmanAlready Ready Already marks Galactic’s 10th studio LP. In addition to Erica Falls, it features guest appearances from Princess ShawMiss Charm TaylorDavid Shaw (The Revivalists), Nahko, and BoyfriendAlready Ready Already sees Galactic taking a more contemporary approach, connecting elements of modern rhythms and electronic instrumentation with their Crescent City funk roots.

“Trust me, I loved having Macy Gray and Mavis Staples on our last record,” Mercurio says. “It was an honor to work with them. But there’s something fun about making music with someone not everybody has heard of and end up getting a great reaction to it. There are no preconceived thoughts as to what the song should be like because the listener doesn’t know the artist as well.”

Luckily for fans, the recent recording sessions that yielded Already Ready Already generated enough material for another LP due later in 2019, one which Ellman described in the album’s announcement as “possibly more of a throwback thing,” but which will almost certainly morph into something new and wonderful via Galactic’s evolutionary musical vision.

Ellman also noted, “I’ve never been able to put a label on what we do. I could say it’s funk or I could say it’s R&B or jazz or whatever else, but really, it’s all of that.” Added Robert Mercurio, “It’s not that we’re always trying to push boundaries, but we definitely take influence from our hometown and try to do something new with it. We tour all around the world and we’re exposed to tons of elements that filter their way into our consciousness and come out through our music.”

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For tickets and more information on Galactic’s upcoming tour and album, head to the band’s website here.