In early August, a very special concert tour was announced that sent Starks and Lannisters alike into a frenzy: the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience! Up until now, we’ve only seen a peek of the sure-to-be-magnificent live show, but composer Ramin Djawadi dove into some details in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal blog Speakeasy.

As Djawadi explains, the production has one primary goal: “We really want [fans] to feel like they’re in Westeros.” Fans got a peek at the spectacle in the form of  a brief tour preview video that illustrates a 360 degree experience, with giant screens, a choir, an orchestra and percussionists, the idea being to have a loose storyline that will take fans through their favorite scenes and montages.

Djawadi is still in the process arranging the show’s music and set design. Says the composer, “We have six seasons of material, so obviously there’s way too much music to play. So, it’s a good problem to have, but I have to bring it down to a two-hour show. I kind of compare it to what [Game Of Thrones creators] Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff] did for the TV show, where they had to take George R.R. Martin’s massive books and compress it to the TV show.”

While the specifics of the performance are still being worked out, Djawadi’s vision for the show makes it sound like a tour not to be missed. “It’s almost like a crossover to a rock and roll show,” he says. “We’re using technology to give a bit more eye candy to it as well.”

The tour will hit arenas across the country early next year, starting on February 15th in Kansas City and running through the beginning of April. Get your tickets here for the wildest show in the Seven Kingdoms.

[via WSJ]