The next installment of the GarciaLive archival series will host selections from a three-show run of Jerry Garcia Band concerts in Northern California from November 1976. Garcia Family Provisions mined the vaults for GarciaLive Volume 17: NorCal ’76, featuring live cuts from November 7th, 12th, and 13th for the 14-track offering, out on November 12th.

Beginning with JGB’s show at Keystone in Berkley, CA on November 7th, this latest edition of GarciaLive captures an enlightening snapshot of the Grateful Dead bandleader’s solo outfit. GarciaLive Volume 17 also features recordings from Freeborn Hall at the University of California at Davis on November 12th and finally the East Gym at Humboldt State University in Arcata on November 13th, all recorded by Betty Cantor-Jackson. There is also a recording of “Mile High” that closes the album, the exact date and location of which is unknown but archivists have determined to be from around this time.

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November 1976 finds Jerry Garcia Band in yet another state of evolution. Moving away from the freer jazz leanings of the early 1970s, Garcia opts for a more traditional rock n’ roll sound. With him are Nicky HopkinsJohn KahnRon Tutt, and Jerry’s Dead bandmates Donna Jean and Keith Godchaux. These shows marked the beginning of a new era for Jerry Garcia Band, with the stylistic shifts showing some noticeable overlap. From the opening bounce of “Sugaree” through JGB staple “They Love Each Other” into pensive, swampy tones of “Catfish John” and “Russian Lullaby”, the selections on GarciaLive Volume 17 show both where the Jerry Garcia Band was and where it was heading.

GarciaLive Volume 17: NorCal ’76 is now available for pre-order at Garcia Family Provisions ahead of its November 12th release. The 3-CD set or digital download also includes an essay by legendary Grateful Dead roadie and Jerry Garcia Band manager Steve Parish. Fans can also bundle the CD or download purchase with a special edition t-shirt and/or print celebrating the release. Scroll down to see a full tracklist and album artwork.

Jerry Garcia Band — “Sugaree” — Arcata, CA — 11/13/76

[Video: Jerry Garcia]