Gary Clark Jr.‘s “This Land”, the title track from his 2019 album, has all the makings of a great song. Perched atop a hip-hop-inspired rhythm section and heavily distorted guitar riffs are deeply emotional lyrics illustrating the pain, anger, and dismay that derive from years of racial discrimination.

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The album and its title track are up for several categories at the 2020 Grammy Awards including “Best Rock Performance”, “Best Rock Song”, “Best Music Video”, and “Best Contemporary Blues Album”. It’s difficult to imagine that a song of “This Land’s” stature could get any better, but Gary Clark Jr. collaborated with The Roots and Black Thought to do just that.

Recorded at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the remix of “This Land” captures the identity of the original while adding The Roots’ signature hip-hop and jazz-inspired flavor. MC Black Thought delivers a fiery first verse as The Roots’ horns and rhythm section add expansive sonic layers.

Clark then comes in with the original first verse, highlighting the song’s central themes. “Paranoid and pissed off/Now that I got the money/Fifty acres and a Model A/Right in the middle of Trump country/I told you, ‘there goes a neighborhood’/Now mister Williams ain’t so funny/I see you looking out your window/Can’t wait to call the police on me.”

Questlove‘s fingerprints are all over the remix with his signature drumming style and energy. Horns are displayed at the forefront of the chorus as Clark Jr. belts the chorus lyrics, “this land is mine” with the force one would expect from such a visceral song.

Listen to the remix of “This Land” by Gary Clark Jr. and The Roots ft. Black Thought below. Scroll down for the original as a reference.

Gary Clark Jr. & The Roots ft. Black Thought – “This Land” (Remix)

[Video: garyclarkjr]

While Gary Clark Jr. has no currently scheduled tour dates, his Grammy-nominated album, This Land, is on sale now. Visit his official website to purchase and stay up to date on the latest tour information.