Members of The National, Tenacious D, Butch Walker‘s live band, and Death Cab For Cutie have announced the formation of a new experimental project named Ghost Liotta. Comprised of members James McAlister (The National), Christopher Wray (Butch Walker), Zac Rae (Death Cab For Cutie), and John Spiker (Tenacious D) the new outfit utilizes a mix of modular synths, live drums, and a pedal steel guitar for their experimental take on electronic music.

According to the announcement via press release shared on Thursday, the roots of Ghost Liotta date back to 2017 when the members congregated at Rae’s studio to record a series of improvised music. Due to a fire, those sessions were never fully completed until recently when the audio files were rediscovered and given to John Spiker.

“The record was collaborative and creative at every possible stage,” McAlister added about their improv-based recording sessions. “There was space for us each, in our creative voices, to make big statements. I was constantly surprised at how much of a sonic landscape we covered with so few elements. Each part was deeply considered, but still raw and not overworked.”

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The sessions now result in a nine-track album which will arrive sometime in the near future on a date yet to be confirmed. Until then, the group has shared the lead single to appear on the self-titled album entitled, “object one”. The atmospheric, instrumental paints a dreamy but quirky audio landscape harnessed to the ground with a steady rhythm.

Stream the new track below.

Ghost Liotta – “object one”

[Video: Ghost Liotta]

Ghost Liotta Tracklisting:

1. object one
2. life cycle
3. obe
4. when we sleep
5. boston
6. i am thoughts
7. nonlinear b
8. voices
9. before everything
10. back to dust