The Ghost of Paul Revere will perform a four-night run at a drive-in theater in Farmington, ME later this month. The Ghost of Paul Revere: Live At The Drive-In will feature the self-described “holler roots band” playing June 25th—28th at Narrow Gauge Cinema in their home state.

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The concerts will feature The Ghost of Paul Revere playing before an audience of cars parked a safe distance away from one another. The tickets are sold per vehicle, and each car will have a designated space beside the car to dance in and set up folding chairs. All attendees are required by CDC regulations to remain in that space for the duration of the concert, except to go to the bathroom or to purchase refreshments from Uno Mas next door. Fans are also asked to wear masks and remain six feet away from all other attendees not in their party. According to a press release, only 60 vehicles will be permitted at the venue.

“We’ve always been a do-it-yourself kind of band,” guitarist Griffin Sherry said. “From our records to our festival, we’re driven by it. As the live music landscape changes and transforms, we’ve had to transform too. After four long months, we’re ready to put on one hell of a show, in a totally new format. It’ll be live, and that’s a start. Let’s get weird, Maine.”

This announcement follows the growing trend of drive-in events from bands across the country. Spafford was one of the pioneering acts to do so last month in Mesa, AZ, while Marc Rebillet has embarked on an entire tour of drive-in shows, and Aqueous has established a weeks-long residency at a theater near their native Buffalo, NY.

“We’ve always imagined we’d be on silver screen one day,” Sherry added. “About damn time.”

Purchase tickets for The Ghost of Paul Revere: Live At The Drive-In here. See the full announcement below.