On Wednesday night, Trey Anastasio‘s new project, Ghosts of the Forest, made a stop at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA.

The new outfit is comprised of Anastasio, his Phish bandmate Jon Fishman (drums), his Trey Anastasio Band cohorts Tony Markellis (bass), Ray Paczkowski (keys), and Jennifer Hartswick (vocals), and relative newcomer Celisse Henderson (vocals), who joined Phish, Hartswick, and more for their 2016 Ziggy Stardust Halloween set.

Wednesday’s setlist identically mirrored the band’s set on Tuesday in Albany. In addition to a number of additional new tracks debuted last Thursday at the tour opener in Portland, Tuesday’s performance included all 9 songs set to be included on Ghosts of the Forest’s debut album, which arrives this Friday, April 12th. You can listen to the self-titled lead single from the album here.

On Tuesday, ahead of Ghosts of the Forest’s performance at the Palace Theatre, Trey Anastasio took some time out of his afternoon to chat with SiriusXM JamOn host Ari Fink.

Trey elaborated on a special live recording plan for Ghosts of the Forest’s New York City shows. He explained,

This has been in place all along, but, the idea was to take the two nights and record the shows as a live album at the United Palace Theatre. It will almost be like a regular recording session, with two passes at the shows. For example, when Aretha Franklin was famously recording a record she would do two passes and that was it. Everyone had to play live. So for us, this is like we get two takes at the United Palace Theatre, but most importantly, the full picture of the Ghosts of the Forest document will have our community members and family in the audience. The recording will end up being a live album.

Trey also discussed the longevity of the new Ghosts of the Forest material and compared Ghosts of the Forest to his one-off 8 Foot Fluorescent Tubes show in Vermont in 1998. He explained,

This is finite. I’m so hugely grateful for the community of friends, family, and audience coming out and supporting us. This is what it is. I have five more shows of this and then I’ll be on Phish tour. It’ll be in the rearview mirror so fast. The last time I did something like this was when Higher Ground opened in Burlington, and my brother-in-law asked if I would play the opening weekend, to which I responded, ‘only if I can start an entirely new band’. That show, I debuted ‘Sand’ and ‘First Tube’ and all these years later those songs are still being played. Probably one or two or some will make it.

You can check out some videos from Ghosts of the Forest’s performance in Boston, MA below:

Ghosts of the Forest – “Ghosts of the Forest” / “Drift While You’re Sleeping”

[Video: Parker Harrington]

Ghosts of the Forest – “There’s A Path Above”

[Video: Parker Harrington]

Ghosts of the Forest – “Ruby Waves”

[Video: Parker Harrington]

Ghosts of the Forest – “A Life Beyond The Dream”

[Video: Parker Harrington]

Ghosts of the Forest – “Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 3 (blue)”

[Video: Parker Harrington]

Ghosts of the Forest – “Pieces in the Machine”

[Video: David Guerette]

Ghosts of the Forest’s tour continues on Friday, April 12th, at New York City’s United Palace Theatre. For a list of Ghosts of the Forest’s upcoming tour dates, head here.

Setlist: Ghosts of the Forest | Orpheum Theatre | Boston, MA | 4/10/2019

Set: Intro, Ghosts of the Forest, Drift While You’re Sleeping, Friend, Sightless Escape, Halfway Home > If Again, In Long Lines, There’s a Path Above, About to Run, The Green Truth, Beneath a Sea of Stars Parts 1 & 2 > Mint Siren Dream, Stumble Into Flight, Ruby Waves, Shadows Thrown By Fire, Wider, A Life Beyond The Dream, In This Bubble > Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 3 (blue)

Encore: Brief Time, Pieces in the Machine