British progressive jazz trio GoGo Penguin has released their latest studio effort in the form of a 10-track album that arrived via Blue Note Records this past Friday (June 12th). The new self-titled album follows 2018’s A Humdrum Star, and acts as the fifth full-length release from the talented group comprised of Chris Illingworth (piano), Rob Turner (drums), and Nick Blacka (bass).

The trio has spent the last few months building up to the arrival of GoGo Penguin as they’ve already shared a pair of live videos for singles “F Maj Pixie” and “Don’t Go”. Both videos were captured during recent performances at the Depot Mayfield in Manchester, England prior to the U.K.’s live industry shutdown in March.

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The instrumental pieces heard throughout GoGo Penguin deliver a captivating mix of classical instrumentation with contemporary, electronic-inspired arrangements in their continued efforts to further expand the already-complex jazz genre into the 2020s. Though they’re limited to just three players in a given performance, tracks like “Signal In The Noise” and “Kora” take listeners on a journey thanks to the full, rich soundscapes created throughout.

Explore the uncharted territory inside your mind with the band’s new album via the Spotify player below.

GoGo Penguin – GoGo Penguin

The band had hoped to spend 2020 continuing to expand their fanbase with more shows prior to the global springtime shutdown of the live events industry. GoGo Penguin has continued to grow in popularity in North America thanks to appearances at major events like the Telluride Jazz Festival and Austin City Limits Festival over the past few years.

Head to the band’s website to stay up to date on possible performance happenings in the future and album info.

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