On Wednesday, Goose shared pro-shot footage of their performance of “All I Need” from Bingo Tour back in June. The clip appeared in the band’s film adaptation of the interactive livestream series which premiered on Tuesday.

This rendition of “All I Need” took place on the penultimate night of the virtual tour on June 27th. Despite the song’s fervent popularity among fans and frequent inclusion in live setlists, the “All I Need” bingo ball was not pulled until the next-to tour closer in a sort of suspenseful statistical equation.

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Coming in as the set one closer, this version of “All I Need” took on a slow and melodic feel courtesy of lead guitarist Rick Mitarotonda. With Peter Anspach backing him up on both guitar and vocals, the dynamic duo set off through the song’s familiar breakbeats as Peter soon switched over to keys to add a flurry of levity.

Before long, however, it was Rick’s time to shine with a blistering solo before drummer Ben Atkind pulled the plug with a percussive breakdown before things got too hot. But even Ben’s drumming prowess couldn’t keep the heat turned down for long, as soon enough the pot boiled over in the peak of the jam that ultimately brought set one to a close.

Watch Goose perform “All I Need” on June 27th during Bingo Tour below. Click here to watch Bingo Tour: The Movie in full.

Goose – “All I Need” – Bingo Tour – 6/27/20

[Video: Goose]