On Tuesday, Goose premiered pro-shot footage highlighting their live debut of the new original “Earthling Or Alien?”, as performed at South Farms on November 6th. The show was originally scheduled as part of a two-night Halloween run at the Morris, CT venue on October 30th-31st, but the band’s holiday double-header was pushed back a week due to inclement weather.

Coming in toward the tail end of the show’s second set, “Earthling Or Alien?” was actually Goose’s second original debut of the night behind the show-opening “Lily’s Tiger”. This was only a preview of things to come the following evening when the band donned their Donnie Darko musical costumes and debuted a slew of covers from the film’s soundtrack, as well as one more original.

The debut begins with a back-and-forth between Rick Mitarotonda and Peter Anspach on guitars, though this is short-lived as the latter soon shoulders his axe to focus on his keyboards. Rick, meanwhile, takes over the disco guitar melody on his own as Anspach launches into the lyrics he penned. Before long, the tune opens up into a keyboard-driven jam, highlighted by Peter’s new clavinet and extraterrestrial phasers. All the while, Rick holds down the melody before getting his own turn at the plate.

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Throughout this 14-minute debut, Rick acts as the centerpiece while Peter gets to run wild with an exploratory solo. Overall, the song appears to function as a grand showcase for Anspach’s ability on the clav, which will hopefully stay in regular rotation.

Watch Goose debut their new song, “Earthling Or Alien?”, live at South Farms on November 6th.

Goose – “Earthling Or Alien?” – Morris, CT – 11/6/20

[Video: Goose]

“Earthling Or Alien?” Lyrics

Sometimes I feel like a ghost

Hearing the people, watching them boast

I do my part, I only eat the plants

And I can’t control anymore romance

Where have we gone? Where should we go?

Are we from this planet? I don’t know

Are we earthling or alien?

Checking their email, watching the clock

They’re always eager to tame the flock

You’d think they’d notice what’s in the air

No planet be for the billionaire

Are we earthling or alien?

I don’t know

Now when I float up in the air

I look for my house but it’s just not there

Are we earthling or alien?

I don’t know

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