Goose returned to Legend Valley in Thornville, OH on Friday to kick off a two-night run at the venue formerly known as Buckeye Lake. The show saw the Connecticut quintet encore with its first-ever rendition of Grateful Dead‘s “Brokedown Palace”.

As storm clouds ominously filled the skies above central Ohio, the show’s very occurrence was brought into question. Yet, at 8:41 p.m. Goose took the stage in a seize the day mentality which ended up paying off dividends for fans. Right from the start, the show became the “Rowdiest shindig I ever seen” with the “Flodown” opener that stretched out for a comfortable 13-minutes in a telling sign of things to come.

The party got started early with Peter Anspach‘s dance anthem “White Lights” which pushed things even further to 17-minutes, only to be outdone by the expansive 21-minute “Arcadia”. Fans got to take a collective breath with a simple “The Whales” before things started right back up with “Jive I” and a healthy “So Ready” closed out the first set. The feeling that permeated from the stage down through the Valley was that the band was getting their licks in now, as heat lightning in the distance threatened the future of the show. The worrying was ultimately for not, however, as Friday night’s concert remained a dry affair.

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Starting off set two with “SOS”, the second frame took on a more laid-back tone as compared to the jam-heavy first set in a paradoxical reversal of the usual jam formula. Another concise run through the Shenanigans track “(dawn)” led the way into “Lead The Way” as the band once again wet its feet in the communal waters of improvisation.

The pairing of “Seekers On The Ridge” parts one and two followed before the Goose came loose with a sprawling 24-minute “All I Need”. After the deep-dive of “All I Need”, the band pulled everyone back to the surface with the dance party of Walter Becker‘s “A Fifth of Beethoven” to close out set two. Goose would return to the stage to encore with the band’s first-ever take on the Grateful Dead’s “Brokedown Palace” to send everyone home, eager to return the following evening.

Head over to the Goose Facebook page to see the show-opening “Flowdown” from Legend Valley on Friday.

Goose – Legend Valley – Thornville, OH – 6/18/21

[Video: Goose]

Setlist: Goose | Legend Valley | Thornville, OH | 6/18/21

Set One (8:41-10:04): Flodown (13), White Lights (17), Arcadia (21), The Whales (8), Jive I (11), So Ready (13)

Set Two (10:46-12:05): SOS > (5) (dawn) (8), Lead the Way (13), Seekers on the Ridge pt 1 > (7) Seekers on the Ridge pt 2, (5) All I Need, (24) A Fifth of Beethoven (7) (Walter Murphy)

Encore: Brokedown Palace (6) (Grateful Dead) (FTP)

—Indian River jam during Flodown intro

—MLB jam during White Lights