Goose welcomed a pair of special guests for the band’s set at the inaugural Sacred Rose on Saturday, sporting appearances from Margo Price and Cory Wong. The alt-country darling joined the band on The Band‘s “Don’t Do It” before the funk guitarist jumped in on the original, “Hot Tea”.

The ever-rising Norwalk, CT quintet began what would amount to a seven-song set with the Peter Anspach-penned “Pancakes”. Sacred Rose attendees who chose Goose’s set on The Dreamfield stage over STS9‘s competing performance at The Canopy stage were then rewarded with “Madhuvan” prior to a Dripfield double dose with “Borne” and “Arrow”.

The band then welcomed its first special guest of the evening as Price trotted out onstage. The singer-songwriter is serving as the official artist-at-large this weekend at the first-year festival outside Chicago in nearby Bridgeview, IL. She added her warm vocals to the duo of Rick Mitarotonda and Anspach for a lively take on Marvin Gaye‘s soul standard that The Band turned into a rock n’ roll anthem.

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The surprises weren’t over, however, as Price tagged out for Vulfpeck collaborator Cory Wong. The exuberant guitarist squared off with Mitarotonda on one of Goose’s signature songs, “Hot Tea”, stretching the live staple to the 17-minute mark. Finally, devoid of any special guests, Goose closed out its two-hour set with “Dripfield”.

Watch Goose welcome special guests Margo Price and Cory Wong at the inaugural Sacred Rose on Saturday. Goose is off the road until September 29th when the band resurfaces in Richmond, VA for a show at The National. For tickets and a list of dates head here.

Goose, Margo Price – “Don’t Do It” (The Band) – 8/27/22

[Video: Max Berde]

Goose, Cory Wong – “Hot Tea” – 8/27/22

[Video: Max Berde]

Setlist: Goose | Sacred Rose | Bridgeview, IL | 8/27/22

Set: Pancakes, Madhuvan, Borne, Arrow, Don’t Do It (The Band)^*, Hot Tea+, Dripfield

^ Marvin Gaye cover

* With Margo Price

+ With Cory Wong