Goose revisited the band’s first of two shows at The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheatre on Saturday with the release of pro-shot footage of “Rosewood Heart”. The clip comes from the band’s 5/8/21 concert at the Pelham, TN venue.

Coming in at the tail end of the first set, this was certainly no ordinary “Rosewood Heart”. Earlier in the show, guitarists Rick Mitarotonda and Peter Anspach donned acoustic instruments for the first time with the full band. The group gave a special birthday shoutout to lighting designer Andrew Goedde, and even invited the freshly-minted 26-year-old to the stage to provide some top-shelf whistling on a cover of Paul Simon‘s “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard”.

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After an acoustic “Turned Clouds”, the band fired up “Rosewood Heart”. The song’s highly relevant lyrics referring to “carried down to the depths/of the caverns below” were well received by the audience as the band delivered a delicate acoustic rendering. Things soon took a turn however as the baton was passed to Anspach who took the lead on his keyboard, meanwhile, Rick rose from his seat and donned an electric guitar.

Before the crowd’s very eyes, the band seamlessly transitioned mid-song from acoustic to electric without breaking stride. Yet there were still more surprises to come as the lengthy 15-minute jam that ensued saw Goose divert from the song’s original structure and explore type II improvisation before ultimately segueing into “Jive I” to close the set.

Watch Goose perform “Rosewood Heart” on 5/8/21 at The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheatre. The band has announced the full-show premiere of 5/8/21 tonight, May 16th, at 8 p.m. ET on YouTube. Revisit Live For Live Music‘s coverage of Goose’s two-night Caverns run here.

Goose – “Rosewood Heart” – Pelham, TN – 5/8/21

[Video: Goose]