Goose continued the rollout of new album Shenanigans Nite Club on Friday with the release of second single “So Ready”. Along with the single, the band released an animated “So Ready” music video that further establishes the forthcoming LP’s apparent disco-era characters and themes. “So Ready” follows lead single “Spirit of the Dark Horse“, released last month.

Beginning with jangling percussion and muted guitar over a pastel-hued landscape, Trevor Weekz‘s meaty bassline hits as an animated Rick Mitarotonda (as Frankie Bosco) rolls into frame on the same scooter—and in the same outfit—in which he appeared in the album’s off-kilter, ’70s-stylized trailer. Before long, Weekz (Terry Alfredo) rolls up beside him, and the pair heads off to meet Peter Anspach (Franz Petit Lupen) and Ben Atkind (Kevin) at—you guessed it—Shenanigans Nite Club.

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The rest of the video presents a groovy love story played out both on the dancefloor and within Frankie Bosco’s wide-eyed subconscious. The Saturday Night Fever bravado periodically melts off of Bosco to reveal his child-like soul as he courts a beautiful woman with his moves, adding an emotional layer to the clip.

“It’s about a guy at this hometown party,” guitarist/vocalist Mitarotonda reveals in a press release, “There are all of these people he hasn’t seen in a while and a girl he has unfinished business with. He always had a thing for her. It’s about seeing her, having a moment on the dance floor, and rekindling whatever was there. It’s come to take on other meanings to us as well though. It’s captured some of the excitement of going for it and all of the possibility and wonder of building a band these past few years.”

But really, it’s just good fun—an expertly-animated, heart-pumping studio rendering of a fan-favorite live cut (So > Slow all day, don’t @ me)—that continues to set a conceptual framework for more Shenanigans to come.

Watch the animated video for “So Ready” by Goose and check out the full video credits below. Shenanigans Nite Club is due out on June 4th.

Goose – “So Ready” (Official Music Video)

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[Video: Goose]

Shenanigans Nite Club follows the recent release of Goose’s remarkable cover of Vampire Weekend’s “2021 (January 5th, to be exact),” featured on Vampire Weekend’s new 40:42 EP and available now at all DSPs and streaming services. Personally commissioned by Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, a longtime Goose fan, with the only directive to make it twenty minutes and twenty-one seconds long, the expansive track is accompanied by a full-length performance video, streaming now via YouTube.

Following a performance at Suwannee Rising last weekend, Goose will head out on a run of sold-out tour dates in early May. For a full list of upcoming Goose tour dates, head to the band’s website.